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Ace of Spades Champagne, Why The Obsession?

Ace of Spades Champagne, Why The Obsession?

Ace of Spades Champagne! The glitz the glamour and the outright obsession has whipped many a socialite into a frenzy. But why?

Is it the the luster of the shiny gold bottle?

The capital A on the bottle?

The attention that comes with it when the waitress brings it across the club to you? ( Starlight and All!)

Or is it because Jay-Z, Pitbull and every pop artist on the planet mentions it in their songs as if the whole music industry is sponsored by the Ace of Spades Champagne company. Are we that brainwashed, or does it really taste that awesome?

Do tiny little gold flakes tickle your tongue and dance in your belly when you take a few sips? Do we have a Limitless moment where we’re transplanted to some Arabian palace with Agent Goldmember from Austin Powers by our side? “Goldddddddddddddd!”

[pullquote type=”3″] Is it all just the hype?

Whatever it is, hype and all, the obsession has seemed to last quite a while and gold bottles all over seems to be the standard expression of drunken opulence. Maybe in time Ace of Spades Champagne will be replaced by another obsession pop artists can sing about, socialites can chug and the rest of the world lust after.

For now… Let’s raise our glasses and toast to the high life. * Insert little gold flakes tickling feeling here! ;) *

[image type=”frame4″ align=”center” width=”528″]ace of spades champagne jay z[/image]

Now It’s Your Turn

Do you know why everyone’s obsessed with Ace of Spades Champagne? Leave your comments below so we can clear up the mystery.

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