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How to Raise $1 Million for Your Idea – The Brydge iPad Keyboard

How to Raise $1 Million for Your Idea – The Brydge iPad Keyboard

Want to raise a million dollars for your next idea? Then listen up, turn off your tweetdeck and IM messengers to check this out. Here’s an awesome example of how you can get it done today.

[pullquote type=”3″] Brydge iPad Keyboard: Admit It Apple, This is a Good Idea – Technabob

Quick story…

While browsing to find startup business, ideas and entrepreneurs to support I happened upon the design area. More specifically the “Popular” area in the design category.

Another iPod stand… great!

Another iPod stand… awesome!

Another… What In The World? $719 Thousand Dolores in backing? I’ve got to see this.

It so happened to be the Kickstarter campaign for The Brydge

[image type=”frame4″ align=”center” width=”498″] brydge ipad keyboard

What exactly is the Brydge?

Well if you couldn’t tell from the image or the post title, It’s a keyboard for the iPad! ( Hello Captain Obvious! )

An elegant way of transforming your iPad from tablet to a laptop with a few clicks. Awesome right? Designed to emulate the sleek look of Apple products, optional built in speakers and all. Impressive right?

What’s most impressive is the amount of money they actually raised from their campaign to get this product launched. While $700k is not quite a million dollars, with 3 days to go for their campaign, who knows where they will end up. But you have to admit it’s quite an impressive sum.

What could you launch with a million dollars?

Who knows, but The Brydge and other great campaigns on Kickstarter and other such micro lending, micro funding sites show you that you’re only limited by your imagination.

If you have a viable idea, present that idea in a way that’s quality, well thought out and elegant, you may just be surprised at the end of the day.

Spend some time going through their presentation, see their previous success and get some ideas on how you could get going with your own project today.

==> Check Out The Campaign On Kickstarter Here

Now It’s Your Turn

Have an idea you’ve been wanting to get off the ground or have your take on the Brydge iPad keyboard? Leave your comments below …

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  1. Perhaps its time to do a followup on this post. The project was funded almost 9 times over the original ask and now the developers have a real mess on their hands with very outspoken critics of their drastic change in the design of the hinge and very obvious lack of communication on their part with their backer community.

    They also continue to take preorders on their commercial website for the product without a word on the design change.


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